9-9:30 am : Breakfast & computer sign out

  • Checkin
  • Tip of the day
  • If you didn’t yet, make sure you claim your Nightly User Badge: **
  • More Command Line/Terminal review & new stuff ** review ls, cd, mkdir, touch, rm, mv, cat ** how to help yourself - man (cmd line), help (within a program) ** take a tour of your bashrc & setup alias for sublime editing (install subl) *** ** set sublime as editor in gitconfig [git config core.editor subl]

  • Maker Party!!! ** All the tools are at
  • Group Exercise: Go learn a Web Literacy skill & bring back something to teach **

LUNCH (Perfect Pizza)

  • Make something webby that tells your story/why you’re here for in Ascend, use one of the tools: ** Remix an existing page: ** Create a new page: ** Make a multimedia presentation (1 min or less) ** Add the URL for your piece to

  • What was the experience of using the tool?
  • Did you find any bugs???
  • Blog post assignment: recap the week, include links to accounts & webmaker outcomes
  • pull requests for new blog posts
  • Checkout (4pm) - early (4pm) for social hour with PDX office
  • Weekly stipend dispersal

Notes: We didn’t have nearly enough time to spend on blogging, and webmaker respectively. Should have sorted this week out a little more to have tighter command line/git lessons and then not do any of that on this day. Also the stipend dispersal took another 30-40 minutes after being “done” for the day.