9-9:30 am : Breakfast

  • Announcements
  • When you lose work - NORMAL! (Because, technology)
  • Pull requests: If you have one open, a new PR will tack on your latest commit, but not start a new one
  • TOTD: In your non-testing profile (aka ‘default’) set your preferences to re-open last tabs
  • Special Guest: Gregg Lind
  • Kronda talks culture fit and hiring practices to watch out for
  • Pair up & run another MozTrap suite (on Nightly) ** Still looking for everyone to file at least one bug, if possible

11:45 am: Head over to food trucks again for lunch

  • Finding the ‘blame’ in git
  • how to find things in a code base, not git (credits on SVN)
  • Scavenger Hunt: Find when Lukas was added to the about:credits page ** Pair up ** hint: start at ** Submit your answer (YYYY-MM-DD) to Lukas via IRC private message

When done: * Catchup on anything, if you need to (check the catchup pad) * Try searching Bugzilla for ‘steps-wanted’ bugs & seeing if you can find one to reproduce * Start a blog post explaining (with screenshots) one of the following: ** How to set up & run MozTrap tests ** How to set up all 4 channels of Firefox to run them at the same time ** How to install the CrashMe addon and run it ** Another option of your choosing - the goal is to use screenshots and create a tutorial for another new contributor

Notes: add in reviewing details before making commits, setting up the local site hosting to be able to preview the changes