These were the measurable milestones used throughout the Portland course to ensure people were staying caught up and moving forward on their acheivements in the program. We used a spreadsheet with these in combination with 1:1s with the participants, and individual etherpads to track what was still needing to be completed.

Week 1

Mozillians, Twitter, Github, Badges, Bugzilla Accounts

Gitub pull request

Badge created

Blog posts (2)

Webmaker URL

Gave a presentation

Week 2

Second week blog post

Wrote a tutorial with screenshots & badge

MozTrap account

Run tests manually

Filed first bug

Can do mozmill automation (put URL in 2nd week blog post)

Week 3

Set up local WP with db

Sent Kronda a database file

Get wordpress live

Blog post on first bug(s) -- what you considered

Has built & customized Firefox locally 

Created patch & added it to ascendproject repo

Build, patch Firefox in a VM

Bash shellshock fixed

Tweeted at least once about planet blog post of interest with #ascendproject tag

Tested/Feedback on Tim's VM

Drafted First Bug comment 

Has selected first bug and posted comment to get traction

Week 4

Dev env set up for working on individual bug

Asking questions, attaching patches in progress, understanding the issue(s) in the bug you're working on

Progress reports daily

Weekly blog post (1 minimum)

Caught up on weeks 1-3 milestones by Friday of Week 4

Had a 1:1

Week 5

Attend the Storytelling workshop

Theme applied to WP site (live site)

Can show progress on bug, taking on additional bug(s) if first bug is fixed (1:1 in early part of week)

Keeping busy - demonstrate blogging, QA, support, other small contributions in down time for communication expectations

Have a presentation prep 1:1 with Kronda/Lukas

Outline of presentation in the repo by Friday

CI understanding and able to get pull requests to pass build process, fix if not

First bug fix landed (hopefully)

Week 6

Setup 1Password ( )

Fixed at least one bug, with a patch/code fix

Presentation prepared & committed to repo (slides, outline, notes)

Give presentation on the work/journey

Content added to WP 'showcase' site, screencaps PR to repo

Export db/wp so it can be moved post-program to personal hosting