• Catch up time for week 1 milestones ** Linking up all the social things & profiles ** pushing blog posts, making github pull requests ** Webmaker link

  • Reading/finding documentation - types of docs (man page, wiki, github README, tutorials, stack overflow) ** Avoid pasting code that you do not understand!
  • Testing - why? how do we contribute?
  • Manual QA: https://oneanddone.mozilla.org/en-US/tasks/available/?keyword=aurora ** Find a bug you can verify ** Learn how to file new and how to comment in bug(s) ** QA test days ** Finding info in Firefox ** about:about ** about:support ** about:crashes ** what build number (and what is a build number?)

  • Get MozMill up and running tests (later in the week or perhaps week 3)
  • Look at what’s in a test
  • Doing a sample test

  • Week 2 blog posts (Thurs) ** Comment on each other’s blog posts (Fri)

  • Looking at a possible ‘good-first-bug’ together