• Web framework setup - Wordpress ** What’s the minimum needed to put up a web page for free? We could look at GitHub Pages too

  • More on finding a ‘good first bug’ ** What is needed to set up your dev env? ** Work through one together (mozmill) ** Create a patch & submit

  • Building Firefox ** Make a change and re-build to see effects ** Watching some of the codefirefox.com videos on directory structure

  • Lots of dev env set up done, understanding of how each problem will have certain setup requirements in order to have a feedback loop, test changes, submit patch(es)

Special Guests:

  • Lars coming to speak about Socorro and crash/stability team opportunities

Personal Project:

  • By week’s end, pick the area of interest for the personal project

Fun Hackathon:

  • Idea: ** Fork https://github.com/lsblakk/feminist-phone-intervention and create your own version of a Twilio-powered phone line with quotes from your favourite person (free!)