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Mentorship and barrier-removing accelerator program designed to explicitly invite, include, and support adult learners in making a first technical contribution to Open Source software.

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Weekly Overviews

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Weekly Overviews

    Week Six Overview

    13 Oct 2014 »


    • Committing a patch to production code
    • What’s next? ** Applying for OPW, local internships

    • How to stay involved ** Mailing list, being a mentor, staying in #ascend
    • Portfolio/Resume work time – put in what you’ve done here
    • Badges of your path
    • Blog post reflecting back on the whole 6 weeks

    Week Five Overview

    06 Oct 2014 »
    • Code Review ** Let’s review each other’s code
    • Comments
    • Code conventions
    • Submit a patch for review this week
    • Web Literacy Module

    Week Four Overview

    29 Sep 2014 »


    • Finding mentors
    • Showing up
    • Strategies when dealing with hitting a ‘hard’ place
    • Creating, testing, applying patches

    • Overall contribution arc ** How can you stay engaged with a project? ** Are there several areas you can participate or do you like to hone in on one? ** What could you do to contribute to Mozilla over the next 6 months?

    • Start having personal project time for working on the individual bug/project

    • OPW applications time

    • Speakers needed

    Week Three Overview

    22 Sep 2014 »


    • Web framework setup - Wordpress ** What’s the minimum needed to put up a web page for free? We could look at GitHub Pages too

    • More on finding a ‘good first bug’ ** What is needed to set up your dev env? ** Work through one together (mozmill) ** Create a patch & submit

    • Building Firefox ** Make a change and re-build to see effects ** Watching some of the videos on directory structure

    • Lots of dev env set up done, understanding of how each problem will have certain setup requirements in order to have a feedback loop, test changes, submit patch(es)

    Special Guests:

    • Lars coming to speak about Socorro and crash/stability team opportunities

    Personal Project:

    • By week’s end, pick the area of interest for the personal project

    Fun Hackathon:

    • Idea: ** Fork and create your own version of a Twilio-powered phone line with quotes from your favourite person (free!)

    Week Two Overview

    15 Sep 2014 »


    • Catch up time for week 1 milestones ** Linking up all the social things & profiles ** pushing blog posts, making github pull requests ** Webmaker link

    • Reading/finding documentation - types of docs (man page, wiki, github README, tutorials, stack overflow) ** Avoid pasting code that you do not understand!
    • Testing - why? how do we contribute?
    • Manual QA: ** Find a bug you can verify ** Learn how to file new and how to comment in bug(s) ** QA test days ** Finding info in Firefox ** about:about ** about:support ** about:crashes ** what build number (and what is a build number?)

    • Get MozMill up and running tests (later in the week or perhaps week 3)
    • Look at what’s in a test
    • Doing a sample test

    • Week 2 blog posts (Thurs) ** Comment on each other’s blog posts (Fri)

    • Looking at a possible ‘good-first-bug’ together

    Week One Overview

    08 Sep 2014 »

    Day 1


    • Checkin (and explain these)
    • Attendance policy, sign & return
    • W9 and any other paperwork
    • Tour the office
    • Strength Finder exercise ** Do the quiz, get results


    • Exploration our strengths ** Sharing strengths with group
    • Discussion of how to use these strengths in the next 6 weeks
    • Closing checkout

    Day 2


    • Checkin
    • Mozilla history (possibly show video)
    • Why Open Source/Web/Tech?


    • Unboxing laptops
    • IRC ** Set up client ** create nickname, register it ** join/part/pm/pastebin/channels

    Day 3


    • Familiarity with Mac OS
    • Basic command line, terminal
    • Text editor
    • Files, extensions, running scripts from command line
    • Creating accounts on: ** Bugzilla ** Wiki.m.o ** Mozillians ** GitHub ** Twitter


    • Check out the
    • Create your blog directory
    • Write first blog post - introduce yourself, push post live
    • Collect accounts from above & link everyone into lists for each ** We are all connected

    Days 4 & 5

    • Introductions to the world of Mozilla projects ** Mozilla Webmaker ** MDN ** Wiki.m.o ** B2G ** Testing & Automation overview ** MozMill ** Developer Tools ** Gaming/Graphics