The second week of the Ascend has come to an end and we did quite a varried amount of stuff. We moved from the more introspective exercies from week one on to doing more concrete things, naimly testing - lots of testing. We learned about the Bugzilla, One and Done, Mozmill, and automating testing. We were also shown how to install, run, and create profiles for all four channels of Firefox (Nightly, Aurora, Beta, and the Stable version of Firefox).

We did lots of poking around in One and Done running through fairly short manual tests. We also were tasked with finding bugs while we were doing so and I happened upon a bug in a version of nighly. I was really excited because not only was I able to reproduce it but I was able to get two other people to do so as well.

After learning about one and done we learned about Mozmill and how to use it to do automated testing. We each ran an example test and you can see the results of my test here.