In this blog post I will be showing how to download the Crash Me Firefox extension which is useful when you are running a test where you are required to crash the browser on command. The steps involve going to the website that the extension is hosted on, downloading the extension, and allowing Firefox to install it.

First you will want to go to the website that hosts the Crash Me extension which can be found here. Click the link that says, “Download the latest version” and chose the option to save file in a directory of your choice.

Crash Me website screenshot

Next you will want to find the file that you have downloaded, crashme.xpi, and drag it to an open window of Firefox.

Crash Me Dragging

A window will pop up asking you if you want to install the plug in and the “install” button will have a coundown ticker which will eventually coundown to zero and allow you to click it. Once the button counts down click “install” and choose to restart your browser when it prompts you to do so.

Crash Me

Once your browser restarts you will be able to go to Tools -> Add-ons and that will bring up the extentions add-ons tab. Click “Extentions” if it isn’t already selected and click the “preferences” button that’s in the “Crash Me Now” section.


Press “Crash me!” and you will have crashed your browser on command.

Addons Manager and MoPad
Now you can get your mozilla Crash Me Badge here!