Hey, it’s our last day! Woohooo! I’m actively focusing on the positive-ness and sense of accomplishment right as I have a feeling this afternoon, it’s going to be: pass the tissues….

This last week has been such a blur. The first two days I spent setting up yet another development environment and bug hunting/fixing. Two things: I really enjoy setting up an environment and the other thing is: I was going to help Yenni set a dev environment for One and Done. Then, we were going to find her a bug to work on and get her OPW application started as a result of this process. By day two, Yenni was helping me set up MY environment and that was really awesome. Teamwork is fun.

In actually working on the bug, I taught how to use some of the developer tools, CSS, and how to search for syntax. It’s important to find a balance between just giving enough information to figure things out on your own and just plain doing it for the person.
One of the things that I am able to pull out of my prior experience is enough of a connection with a person to help them find their edge and encourage them to stretch. So many things come into play (they are tired, having a bad day, super excited…), but one goal of a teacher is to leave enough of a challenge yet not leave the learner feeling that the learning is too far out of their grasp of understanding. For each individual, this would be a different amount of information.

I would’ve been a wreck on Tuesday night if I had just gone home and worried about our Thursday presentations. Thank you to Lisa and family for a wonderful get together with beautiful, awesome neighbors and friends!

A part of each day this week has been writing and practicing our presentations with each other. It’s funny, I think I prefered the presentations that we did in the first week where we were given about a 30 minute to an hour notice and then just go! These feel more important or serious.

My big challenge for myself was to not just get up there and ramble on about whatever. My coach has been curious as to why I feel more confident about contributing to open source projects and applying for work now. I wanted to be able to answer that with 3 clear ideas without a lot of extraneous (read: rambling) anecdotes. My first draft of the speech was a short collection of stories that gave examples of where my confidence grew from. I read it for Lukas and Kronda and I ran out of time. Hmmmm… where to cut? The night before my presentation, I finally had a chance to read it to someone who had not had anything to do with our group - thanks for your edits, Mom and thanks for listening, Dad! I could get a chance to see how much they got out of it not having attended Ascend. The result was staying up way too late cut, cut, cutting down to just the three points that I wanted the viewer to come away with. I feel that in the end, it was less personal and fun and more educational. I mean, I hope that someone could walk away with clear ideas of how I grew confidence here. I should also point out that I have not yet had time to process my whole 6 week experience here yet. I’m sure I could easily revise it more a few weeks from now.

Today is Friday and we are about to hear the last of the presentations. I would normally be a lot more stressed out than usual as I still have some goals that I’d like to complete. I plan on taking next week to catch up on a few household things that I have been neglecting - but more importantly, I want to keep up this momentum.

		__Goals for my Ascend Project, unofficial Week 7:__

		* Set up yet ONE MORE dev environment (did I mention that this is a lot of fun now?)
		* I'd like to start on Wednesday and see how far I can go with the idea of ONE-BUG-A-DAY!
		* I have been neglecting my Wordpress (sorry, Kronda).  I'm going to get my hosting set up, transfer my account over to [www.amandahoule.com](http://amandahoule.com) and get that looking pretty pretty.
		* Apply for a couple of the internships that we've been invited to apply for. yay!

		Goals for the rest of 2014:
		* Help someone else get set up as a Mozillian!  What better way to pay it forward and reinforce my own learning?  I also want to help build the community. 
		* Shit, I've got to find paying work!  :)

For now: So long, and thanks for all the fish!!!