Hello, welcome to the Mozilla Portland office and the Ascend Project! We are going to start out with some:

~~Community Building~~

  • Meet and build The Team.
    • We came up with these awesome participant Agreements
  • Find your individual strengths.
    • We took a quiz at Gallup Strengths Center to determine five areas of our own individual strengths. Why? …to become more engaged, productive and happier!
  • Examine and discuss your strengths.
  • Discuss some more and redefine those strengths and OWN them!
  • Commit one of those babies to the group.
  • Embrace each other.

I completely appreciate this community building and our collective agreements. Can you find this is a typical tech company/environment? One could not only hope…and build.

From day one to day five, anxiety transforms into excitement, confidence and it’s infectious! Here is more of what we played with:

GIT * GitHub * Presentations * Command_Line * SUMO * Army of Awesome * Mozilla Open Badges * Firefox Nightly * Aurora * Bash * Presentations * Web Literacy * WebMaker * MoPad / Etherpad * subl * Blog Posts * Twitter * Fair Trade Chocolate * A Cadillac of an espresso machine * Did I mention, Presentations?

Links to some of this week’s work: