The pace is perfect for me. I am observing the struggle of my ego - which had it’s own expectations regarding what I’d have accomplished by now. I know that it’s deepening the knowledge by taking time to document our learning, reporting our successes, discussing how we’re going and best of all - sharing what we’ve understood with each other. One great thing about this group is that there aren’t just a few people that “get” everything and fast. Different people are able to grasp concepts at their individual pace and those who were being helped in the morning may be the ones that are helping in the afternoon.

We are working on almost completely different things from what I did at code school. Partly, I say this as there is not much to compare between the two programs. In other words, for those who know that I went through the Fullstack Javascript track, whatever I’m writing about in this blog is NOT a comparison to what I’ve done before. The GIT flow is slightly different which lends itself to broader understanding.

I may read this part next year and think, “duh!” In Ascend, we are working and producing while we are learning. Learn by doing! Learn by contributing to open source! Awesome!

I have to also speak a little about the space. We have a great community space to work in and the entire office is managed by the wonderful Katt! She has been instrumental in helping the two groups - full time employees and us Ascend contractors - function in our space together. (and she plays great music at the entrance and is most certainly contributing to my weight gain with the catered meals!)

Speaking of weight gain, perhaps all of the great food is counter balanced a bit by the following:

I have officially joined the 6.1%(of Portlanders who bike to work! Mozillians, make sure you sign in and log your miles here: BTA’s Bike Commute Challenge

Workwise, we’ve covered a lot this week. I like to give a little taste of it in the lists below. The rest of the time relegated to writing, I will be working on a tutorial for filing your first bug in Firefox. This weekend, I look forward to setting up my new 1Password account - thank you @EvaCatHerder and AgileBits.

pic of firefox fox

Join in!

Bugzilla * Moztrap * CrashMe Addon * about:about * Persona Account * virtual environment * jekyll server * Add Ons - try this!

This week’s links: