We are in Week 3!

Narrow it down to 5 choices!

  • Bug 875660
    • This poor little inperfection has been marked as “assigned,” but if you follow the chat log, you can see that Bug 875660 has been abandoned twice and not looked after in almost 3 months. This makes me curious - shall we take a look?
      • I’ve cloned the respository and joined the IRC chat rooms where the other devs on the Automation and Testing Team hangs out. I will need to read through the documentation related to Automation and Tools. fun, fun!
  • Bug 583407
    • It’s really old - was modified in 2012 - and marked as “trivial.” Trivial? That’s so subjective… Doesn’t it drive you crazy when you have to fill out forms on a mobile device the developer didn’t even bother to use a keyboard that matches what you have to input on the form? (ie, you need to enter your email address and the related keyboard doesn’t have the ‘@’ symbol available on the first page?)
      • I’ve followed steps to reproduce this bug. It has no mentor or QA Contact listed. I would try to figure out who one or both of those people would be and find out if they could offer any guidance.