List of random thoughts from this day:

flash cards of Command Line commands - yay! helped. wow, lots of command line stuff worked on catch up stuff from our Etherpads my bug - crickets (haven’t heard anything back yet) soup for lunch Kronda’s talk from OSBridge wrestled with git inside Virtual Box alllllll afternoon.

The rest of this blog will be called: How to Deal with Frustration. I will use the same talk on myself that I use with my toddler: “Do we throw things when we are upset at them? Noooooooo….. What are some other things that we can do instead? Yes, that’s good. Deep breath. A little deeper…. yes, that’s it… uh…. uh… do I see a smile? Nooooooo smiling….Hey! I see that smile? Can you think of other things that you can do to find the happy?”

Ok, everything except the “no smiling” part. I did not throw this Macbook Air… Actually, I didn’t even notice an increase in heartbeat. My version of frustrated or angry is kinda… calm. I did notice that I cannot type my own name without making a mistake. Ok, I’m just tired. Time to put the cords away and get ready to say goodnight. My awesome subconscious can work on this shyte while I get some much needed zzz’s. (Maybe I also need to re-evaluate stimulating conversation with my Meetup co-organizer at 11pm on a school night. Nothing I can do about the kid who sleeps within earshot and likes to talk in her sleep: rehashing her day, sleep walking to the bathroom, going into hysterics about toilet paper and then clinging to my neck for the next hour like I’m her favorite stuffed animal buddy that she can’t sleep without.)

In other words - I’m worn out.

I’m usually a morning person and get my best work done then. With Ascend, I’ve gotten used to meetings and such in the morning and then turning on the programming juice AFTER lunch. Thank you, focus@will for hour-at-a-time concentrated work stretches. At about 3:45pm, I get that frantic feel of pushing against a deadline (we do a quick debrief and then turn in our computers at 4:30pm) which is completely self-imposed. This is probably as close to …