We are left to our own discretion for which tasks take priority.

I think I am actually avoiding my VM right now because I decided to:

register my domain and give myself something fun to work on over the weekend. (Setting WordPress up locally on my home computer.)

Did I really just say fun? Well, after a couple of days setting up MYSQL and WordPress locally and then just beginning to customize my own site - I can NOW see why people would pay to have someone else to make their website! Personally, I found the set up to be really fun (you can probably find quite a few blogs on this site from other Ascenders regarding our days of Yak Shaving!). It was a little bit tedious and definitely a lot of trial and error, but we had a ton of laughs. Kronda definitely earned her paycheck those two days as she kept all of our sheers sharpened and clipping away - building 20 unique dev environments each with their own stumbling blocks and mis-steps (add a password to MYSQL anyone?). She even managed to go home after that first day and squeeze in a step-by-step blog for us to work with on the second day!

Register a Domain

So… yes, website registration. I did a bit of research (admittedly, I did a day or two of research previously) and decided to go with NameCheap. They are running a couple of specials this month - download their iOS app and use code NCIOS for a price which is roughly half off the price of a domain for a year.

I had picked out a couple of toddler inspired domains (kittycatninjawitch, Mangkin, whalessayoo-oo-oo, …) and ultimately went with just my own plain given name. www dot amanda houle dot com. (I guess it also didn’t sound good to use my IRC nickname as a web address: “Yes, you can find me online at www.ahoule.com!”). Go ahead, try and say it outloud: “I’m at A-HOOL dot com.” Maybe I’ll register that domain for my not-so-happy rants later on.

Wait 24 - 48 hours for the URL redirect to take place.

This has to travel around the world, out to the Russian space station and back before you can find my actual WordPress site which is temporarily being hosted on Kronda’s company site for now.

Next week, I’ll work on:

transfering the site over to my own domain.

I’ll be using Site5 for webhosting. More on that next week…. in the meantime, why not head back on over to Kronda’s blog again and read about why your hosting company should be different than your domain registrar!