Update to this blog: It’s Monday morning and I’ve just edited for typos. Totally proved my point about Friday afternoon meltdown….
Towards the beginning of last week, I got my virtual environment up and running - no problem. Edits and patch made - no major problems there either. Then, I had two afternoons of stuckness to figure out how to apply said patch.
To be fair, Friday afternoon is a hard period of time to have high expectations of oneself. It’s the end of a long week of input, input, input…. the brain just gets too plain tired to take on anymore. That would be a good day to work on something tedious, like counting pennies! Even better, why doesn’t every dev shop have four day weeks like Treehouse? So Friday, I went home with the intention of coming back fresh on Monday.

My subconscious must’ve done some major neural connecting because I ran one stinking command and there she was: my beautifully altered Firefox Nightly browser running in full glory!

		./mach run

After you pick yourself up off of the floor from laughing so hard…..

I hope someone else gets to writing up this tutorial before I get a chance to. I broke this task up over four days and now, I can’t remember the work flow. Will try again.