--- layout: post title:  "Rings of Saturn" author: amanda houle date:   2014-Oct-7 categories: amanda --- <br> Today's post is named after my burgeoning latte art.  I do think frothy design practice deserves my appreciation due to the resultant caffeine injection getting me through the second half of the morning. I think I mentioned the Cadillac of an espresso machine that we have been learning on (note to self:  take picture of espresso machine before the project is over.  It's so beautiful!).  I no longer feel that hole in my experience of growing up in the PacNW and never having done my obligatory stint as a barista on a professional machine!  Thank you Mozilla PDX office :)

This morning started with a Vidyo mentoring session working on Mozilla’s Webmaker-app. Awesome! I am still blown away at the time, consideration and patience these experienced devs give us when working on our individual bugs. @k88hudson, you rock!

It turns out, the bug that I have assigned to me is in a dev environment which is very labor intensive and lengthy to set up. (You are NOT kidding!). It’s also in an area that has not received a lot of attention in awhile - I think the focus is more on Webmaker.app now. So, I was asked if I would mind to cross over to the dark side….. I am now going to work out bugs in Webmaker.app.

We went over the steps to creating a dev environment for working on this repo. Compared to the last environment I worked on, this one was a snap. I had one small issue come up - is Stackoverflow a verb? Let’s try: I Stackoverflowed my issue while the rest of the group continued on with set up and I was able to fix and catch up within a few minutes. (yay for small successes and non-complicated set ups!)

Kate went over a bug that another participant - Mary Anne - had signed up for. It was adding a feature to the appmaker using vue.js. Exciting - I face another front end framework. I might’ve left the world of yoga practice, but the universe still finds ways for me to face my weaker parts. (See post about my fear of backbone.js type systems)

Vue.js is a less feature heavy framework than Angular.js or backbone.js. We went over creating a new component (for Appmaker) and which three files need to be added. It felt like pair programing in a tuple with one senior dev. Hey…. that what we were actually doing.

After our session, we regrouped with the rest of the Ascenders who were furiously hacking away. Mary Anne went to task on duplicating the bug fix/component addition. As a follow up to our meeting, Kate will file a bug she alreay has in mind for me to work on in Webmaker-app. In the meantime:

Even though I will be changing to Webmaker-app from Webmaker.org, I still felt that I wanted to find completion with the setup that I had started two days ago. I think a part of the reason why it was so important to finish was this: I love starting new projects and I never run out of ideas. I love organizing and starting new groups, projects, etc…. these are my strengths. So, this was an exercise in following through to the end.

As I prepare to leave for the day, I am happy to report that it has taken three afternoons - I have FINALLY completed the set up process for a Webmaker.org dev environment!
(I’m not sure if the third afternoon really counted - it consisted of one simple command line direction: grunt dev….. if you did not giggle a little bit, let me explain. Basically, on afternoon #2, I built a machine and I just forgot to “turn it on” and it would’ve worked.