It’s Friday afternoon, T-minus 2 minutes until the kiddo arrives. I’m so excited :)

My pull request was merged this morning….

screen shot of merged pull request

yay! bug squashed. The super great thing about contributing to Mozilla projects is all the support and recognition newbies get:

Tweet of First Bug

Want to know how I feel right about now? Check out the image below (get the full affect by downloading and adding it to your wallpaper - fullscreen, baby!):


In other news…. I got to spend most of my day on less concentration intesive things such as: * met with my coach - Larissa is great, bring out the chocolate cake! She asked me about the lightening talk that I will give on Thursday of next week. As the talk is only about five minutes long, she basically got the hear the whole thing already.
* My biggest challenge - as is usually the case - will be to make the information that I’d like to get across less explanatory (ramble), more concise and impactful. * Helped fellow ascenders with GitHub issues - fun! * Oh! I reverted my Wordpress site back to the default theme. We had a great session with Kronda going through how to customize our site. I will try again with this new knowledge - just not today. I think this will require a bit of patience and a big stretch from my end. Anything related to design for me… hmm…. I love UX, I’m not yet confident in design. (Hey, any fellow Ascenders want their first WP client? …jk….)

Have a great weekend!