update 2014-10-03: first bug patch landed! for Bug 1069325

additional mozmill (testing) bugs

…because I’ve already been looking at this code, feels manageable

Bug 1000832 - Update “notification_popup” case in LocationBar.getElements() methods to get the specific notifications

Bug 661245 - Handle errors when gathering metrics

release engineering

…because fixing this bug is pretty clearly useful, and requires both python and bash scripting

Bug 1004617 - https://hg.mozilla.org/build/tools/file/tip/buildfarm/maintenance/end_to_end_reconfig.sh should also update bug status once they are in production


more documentation than coding? Bug 1011091 - New test website (for pontoon.mozilla.org)


…because I’d like to know more about how this works.

but! someone else has submitted a patch that’s under review… Bug 1003731 - Remove transliteration

someone’s interested in this one, though already working on another bug… Bug 974259 - Consolidate PluralForm and GetStringFromName into a single function for convenience in pluralization


…because it’s an interesting new project, and I’d like to see who else has tried remixing the same one I’ve remixed.

someone’s requested assignment, back in June… Bug 891923 - Expose all remixes in make details