Hello internets it has been a very fun week! We have learned so so so much about bugs! Using Mozmill and Moztrap and I even got to file my first bug in Bugzilla but it turned out it was a duplicate. Still an interesting experience.

Monday we did some catching up in the morning. It has been awesome that there is such a variety of experience in class. In the afternoon the people who needed more time sat at one table and could plug away at the things they needed to, while the people who were finished sat at another table and did some Moztraping. When the first table was done the others taught them how to use Moztrap. I thought that was really beneficial. Everybody had adequate things to work on. The student teachers got to share their experiences. And of course we had Monday meeting as well and that is always interesting!

Tuesday is a complete blur but we did go to the food trucks! That was kind of cool to hang out with people outside of class and just getting to know people on more of a social level.

Wednesday we had a team of people (Greg, Ilana, and Cheng) come in and talked to us about bugs and user experience. They started taking notes of our experiences and things we felt needed to be different or didn’t understand. It was cool that they were actively listening and taking things back with them to work on. I’m really glad they were willing to share their stories with us.

Thursday we needed to figure out how to run a Mozmill test but once I got it going (with Lisa’s help) it was really cool to watch the computer open and closing tabs and windows, drop down boxes, what have you! This is the Mozmill Crowd Results Dashboard Functional Tests Report for mine:

The really cool report!

Friday we’ve been working on our blog posts and tutorial and probably something exciting and new!