So today we have been asked to look through a ton of bugs on bugzilla and see which ones appeal to us. I feel like I’m finally starting to get a handle on using a mac. Sort of. I’m working on that. Now we are getting ready to squash some bugs. That kind of seems crazy how fast this is has all been going. Well here are some bugs I’m considering:

924020 save periodically to X-ray goggles this one is my favorite because on my first project I accidently refreshed the page and lost all of my work so I would really like to prevent that from happening again. I don’t know the level of difficulty but it seeems like it could be pretty hard. I just really want this one fixed.

1024657 about fixing the Resource page to say resources instead of explorer. Seems like something I may be able to figure out with the knowledge I have.

1022758 add generic error handling to login.

1021308 add mySQL instructions to Readme. This sounds boring.

1019657 I don’t think I am supposed to take it but looks like a good one.

It’s a little overwhelming to look at page after page of bugs. Not really having a great idea of what will be expected but it’s kind of cool to realize all those pages are problems that you can cross off the list of things to fix.