My first day of the Ascend Project reaffirmed that I was about to experience a life-changing opportunity. I would have the time and support to link the loose ends that had characterized three years of informal learning in technology. I expected to dive right into code. That is not what we did.

Instead, we spent time getting to know each other’s strengths, remembering our own contributions, and learning how to nurture a healthy, cooperative learning environment. I never expected to have this kind of experience in technology, but I am grateful.

As an educator, I have had the fulfillment of watching others (mostly children) grow. As a sound artist, I have been fortunate to watch other artists grow in the rich community that I left behind in New York. To think about the challenges that some of my colleagues are overcoming to take on this challenge is overwhelming. I look forward to witnessing what “grow” means to the unspoken superheroes around the table where I type this blog post.