Here are the results of my first Mozmill test, which I used to determine what was working and not working in a Firefox Nightly browser:

I used tiny.url to personalize the link and make it easier to read. The link looked like this at first:

This was my first experience with automating anything from the command line. I had an easier time keeping up and completing the process than I’d experienced with GIthub and navigating on a new Mac, but honestly, I do not remember much about running the test. What was most compelling was how amazing it felt to realize that I had brought a browser to life as part of the process.

If I do not get to use Mozmill it during the process of fixing my bug(s), I look forward to revisiting it when I need to reminisce, nerd-out or level up for a testing project. I am confident that I can do it again - even if something in the process changes - which is what matters.