bug bug bug bug bug bug bug.

Today we discussed picking and fixing ‘first time bugs’ and these are some that i’ve decided to look at.

  • 992386 - This is a bug focused around uploading things to Imgur which is a site I use a lot. The bug itself seems relatively simple. It seems it would focus on code that already exists within the page and a bit of tweaking to it.

  • 1015647 - This doesn’t necessarily fall under my definition of a bug as it is a feature enhancement, but it would be pretty cool to learn about how making a feature works.

  • 1039500 - This bug seemed like a bit of fun just because there was a lot of posts on with a lot of people. It seemed weird at first but it be nice to make a contribution to a big team.

  • 1066148 - This is a enhancement that bugzilla needs. The site is still very non-user friendly for how much can be done by it. It would be nice to be able to improve it with something small like this that can make a very large impact.

  • 1068354 - This bug was reported by my sister, and while its not marked as a good frist bug I’m confident I can do it. However theres no real documentation available off the bugzilla page. Theres a lot I can find elsewhere I’m sure.

All in all some stuff i can work on :S