Recap so fresh. You all are scared to do what i do…


This week we set up Virtual Box, got me all excited just thinking back to it. I really like the idea of running multiple OS on a single computer. It’s really cool that you can do that. We did this so we could observe ourselves writing a patch and see the outcome on a different OS. It’s a lot simpler to do than I thought it would be. Learning to create a patch was the last thing we needed before we went off to fix bugs and become a self sustaining contributor to Mozilla and the open sauce community. I decided to choose The bug my sister reported, 1066148, which is super cool.

We also put a Wordpress site on the internet this week. Mine has yet to have anything on it, all I’ve done is choose a theme I thought looked cool. But there is a crap load of stuff you have to do to put a website on the internet. I dont honestly know how Kronda can handle doing that for people. I guess when its your job you get used to it. Over all things going great.