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I need advice, I need to learn more JavaScript, and I need advice. I don’t have a mentor right now because my bug was not marked good first bug. There is a person I’ve heard who can help. He’s also the guy who changed the new tab page in the first place that created the bug in the first place. I’ve been trying to reach Tim Taubert, who is on the opposite end of the world right now. So it’s not the greatest to try and communicate. I’ve sent an E-mail and I hope to hear back from him. While i wait to hear back, let me explain where I am.

Basically there are a few options to fix this bug

  1. we can lock the cursor in the browser during drag events. This seems like the easiest solution, It has is it’s drawbacks however. It takes away operating systems functionality.

  2. We can force the dragged cell node to go to the new target location that was created before it was dragged outside of the browser. I dont actually know how to do that because I’m not a 100% sure why it breaks when dragged out of the browser in the first place.

  3. We can force the remaining cell nodes on the grid to return to their original positions when the dragged cell fails to move to the new drop target. This one seems hard because this should already be heppening, it’s written within the code already to do this. But for some reason this process causes the nodes to lose the target location.

Because 2 and 3 seem to be the hardest solution of the 3, locking the mouse within the browser during drag events seems to be the solution in my mind. Firefox already allows you to save links with a bookmark anyways. It seems that the people that would complain about this feature being gone would in the minority, at least in my mind. The big thing with this option I dont know how to incorporate it into the code.