Titles are the Hardest Part

There were a couple of concerns I had coming into my first week as a member of the Ascend project. The first was that I wasn’t quite sure what I had signed up for and the second was that I would be working a 7-day workweek, with 5 of the days being 9-5. As someone who relies on an almost daily nap to make it through the day, that was enough to induce some real anxiety.

However, it turns out that my fears were somewhat unfounded. Even though I have been pretty wiped at the end of every day, the bike ride home has been giving me a bit of a second wind. That alone suprised me because the ride home is pretty much entirely uphill, but I guess that little bit of exercise is enough of a wakeup that I do not arrive home in need of a nap.

The other tool I added into my toolbox this weekend was that I started using my SAD light. I probably should have started using it sooner, but I have a tendency to put it off every year. You would think that 20+ years of annual usage would convince me that it does make a difference. Especially since I feel the difference after only a day or two of usage.

To make a short story long (as my best friend likes to say), I seem to have my energy-management under control.

My other concern remains. We do come in to a daily agenda, but I not sure where all of this is leading. I understand that this is a pilot program and the organizer/co-teacher is playing along with us, but I do wish we had a better idea of the plan for the week, even if we don’t know the plan for the full 6 weeks. But, we are only on the first day of the second week, so who knows where we go from here.