Firefox profiles: What, Why and How

This tutorial will explain what a Firefox profile is, why one might want one and how to set one (or several) up.

What is a profile and why do I need one?

A profile allow Firefox to save your customized settings and data, such as, bookmarks, passwords and user preferences. You can set up as many profiles as you like, each with its own set of customized settings. You can create, remove, switch and rename your profiles using the Profile Manager.

Profile Manager

To open the Profile Manager your first want to be sure that all instances of Firefox are closed.

Once you have done that, please do the following: 1. Open the Terminal (either click Command+Spacebar to open Spotlight and type in Terminal or using the Finder, go to Applications/Utilities/Terminal) 2. Type or paste the following text into Terminal: /Applications/ -p 3. Press enter.

Creating a Profile

Once you click Enter in the step above, Firefox will open a box that looks like this: *Click “Create Profile” and you will see the following message pop up: *Click continue and you will see this: Feel free to name the profile anything you like.

Renaming a Profile

If you want to rename one of your profiles, just click on the Rename Profile button and your will see this:

Deleting a Profile

If you want to delete a profile, click the Delete Profile button and you will see the following warning:

Other Options

You will see two additional check box options on this screen:

*Work Offline - This will load the profile you select and starts an instance of Firefox without actually connecting to the internet. You will only be able to view cached webpages that you have visited previously. C

*Use the selected profile without asking on startup - This is a good option if you only have one profile, but not if you have multiple profiles set up.

If you do select this option and want to access another profile, you will need to reopen the Profile Manager, following the above instructions.

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