In which Eva starts exploring ways to squish a bug

The last few days (minus the ones I took off for Rosh Hashanah) have been devoted to identifying and researching bugs that we want to patch. Unsurprisingly, I gravitated towards the add-ons, since one of my goals for Ascend was to get a better sense of how browser extensions and add-ons work. Unfortunately, I don’t think my skills are at the point where I can really work deep in the guts of browser integration. But, I do think I can spend a little time enhancing an already-functioning add on. And, if I am lucky, spending some time in the body of the code will help me get a better understanding of how all of the pieces fit together.

The add-on developer has made himself very available as a mentor, which I was able to see in the discussion of some of his other bugs. I have also been lurking in #calendar in irc and he has been logged in every time. The room itself is very quiet, but it does speak to his availability.

The code base was a little more challenging to find and took some sleuthing in the developer’s blog. And the documentation was even harder to find. What is there is pretty basic and is directed at the user of the add on. One of the developer’s bugs did include a request for help with documentation, so he does recognize that there is the need.