Week Five - Yaks and Their Kin

I am relieved that by the time I got around to writing this I had finished my yak shaving,. However, there was a while there when I really wondered if I was caught in a new level of hell. I spent most of Friday, Monday and Wednesday just getting my virtual environment set up. In theory the process was easy and well laid out. Emphasis on the “in theory” in that sentence.

At first, everything went quickly and smoothly and it looked like I would be well on my way in under an hour. That is, until an error message reared its ugly head. I tried a couple of possible work-arounds and by then the day was over. Monday morning I came in ready to resolve whatever was causing the bug to rear its ugly head. After some futzing, I decided the best approach would be to clear out the mess I had created and start fresh. Once again, everything looked good at the beginning. But, sadly for me, the error message would not go away.

I chatted with my mentor on irc and he offered all sorts of good potential solutions. Sadly, none of them worked. Then he tried to see if he could recreate the error on his machine and low and behold, he could! It was a great relief to learn that the error message had not been my fault! After a short happy dance, I cleared out the directories and tried instead to create my virtual environment using vagrant.

Once again, the process was fairly easy and straightforward. At least until it wasn’t. But fortunately, that was no more then a gentle hiccup and was easily rectified. Then came the happy dance because the virtual environment finally worked! And, if I weren;t so damn tired right now, the sheer sense of joy I felt would have an easier time coming through.

I am tired for many reason, but the greatest reason is that I have spent most of today moving javascript files into new directories and redirecting the html pages that reference them. Very straightforward work, but kind of mind-numbing. In an ideal world, I would be able to use this work as a break from more brainful work. But, this is not an ideal universe, so I put on my music and plugged away. But now my eyes and tired and I want a nap. However, instead of a nap, I decided to finish this blog post before going back to my list of files to move.