Testing, testing and more testing.

This week we explored how to help with QA (Quality Assurance), including how to do manual and automated testing, search for bugs and file a bug report.

New Tools

  • Bundle & Jekyll- used to preview our GitHub Pages blog posts and run them locally
  • MozMill- command line tool for manual and automated testing with javascript
  • MozTrap- test case manager where you can select tests to run
  • OneandDone- designed to screen ways to help with manual testing, automation, bug verification, mobile testing and more by time commitment and experience level

In my opinion the most fun part of the week was seeing MozMill automated testing run especially after going through some manual testing. Check out the MozMill Automated Tests Tutorial I wrote for more details. Here’s the functional test results of the automated test I ran.

As a class we also discussed revisions and udpates to our class agreements, how to address agreements that are broken, the nebulous use of “Culture Fit” in tech companies, and the role of Mozilla Reps to name a few topics. On Wednesday, we had guest speakers from the SUMO (Support at Mozilla) team come and share about how their different backgrounds in anthropology, mathematics and engineering helped them in their roles to support users. They made suggestions about joining certain IRC channels to learn more about how they support users and ways we can contribute and continue to learn.

This afternoon we will start exploring how we can write our own tests in javascript and next week the goal is to create our own browser.