Wrangling with Google Map APIs

So the latest word from my bug mentor is that my “bug” or feature request isn’t that beginner friendly afterall. I’ve been having trouble figuring out how to get the latitude and longitude outputs from a custom map url so it can upload into the popcorn maker site and be interactive.

Alas, hearing that adding this feature is either not possible or complicated for developers experienced with APIs is both comforting and . . . well, disappointing. We have just one week left! I am suppose to give a presentation on all this next Thursday. The pressure is on. If I don’t submit a patch on a bug by the end of next week (or really Wednesday) I can’t tell what this means. Certainly I have learned a lot either way but I am tempted to feel like not submitting a patch in time is equivalent to “failing” somehow.

Three Days to conquer a new bug!

My bug’s mentor has offered to search for an easier bug for me. I feel relieved because “finding a good first bug” can be just as stressful as sticking with a harder feature request. Even if wrangling with the Google Map API is a bit of a stretch for me I am proud that such adding such an interesting map feature was compelling enough for me to spend the time and energy on it. No, for the record, I didn’t give up! I just decided to take the advice of more experienced developers and seek out something easier. I’ve learned a lot about map APIs, adding interactive mapping and geolocation services to web applications. Perhaps I can take what I’ve learned and make something interesting.

In the meantime, I will work on making my own blogging & portfolio site and dreaming up a way to apply what I’ve learned so far.

Dear Maps Feature Request,

You haven’t heard the last from me . . .

Your wrangler,