Farewell Ascend Project! Hello World of Open Source!

I am happy to report that I gained much more from Ascend than technical competence. I learned how open source collaboration works and I have much greater confidence in my ability to figure things out.

More Than Technical Skills

I am proud of . . .

  • Continuing communication when I am stuck. Learning to ask questions.
  • Trying, again and again.
  • Committing to the learning process (with lots of trial & error)
  • Not being satisfied with merely getting things to work (wanting to understand why it works)
  • Letting my interest in how things work motivate me to keep tinkering and asking questions
  • Being comfortable with not understanding something . . . yet

Bug Progress Update

My pull request has finally been merged for webmaker (App Maker to be more precise) after fixing lots of syntax errors. The final, nearly undetectable syntax error was the “tabbing versus spaces” error.

I had a lot of mishaps along the way. Even when the code worked I still had to go back and clean it up. I didn’t realize that such a huge part of adding and fixing code is syntax related. I forgot to add a comma between methods. I also had to go back and keep the same html formatting structure so that the CSS can still stylize everything the right way.

I am still in the process of fixing what I hope are only syntax errors in the popcorn bug/feature request I started earlier. We’ll see how that goes! I hope to continue working on that after Ascend. It’s been a delight to learn more about Map APIs.

What’s Next?

I am not sure what’s next! But I am applying to some internships and feel hopeful about further building my technical skills with other Open Source projects. You can follow me on Twitter at @jmarlena_canepa. I will have a blog link set up there soon. Open Source World, you haven’t heard the last of me.