Today felt good but long. Yesterday I had mentioned that I would like to move seats just so I can start meeting the others in the cohort. Today we had assigned seating and I was moved one seat to the left. Hmmm….but new people were at my table so that was good. I got to sit next to Tina and that was great. She’s kind of quiet but she has a wonderful sense of humor. She was totally on top of things all day too which was great to see. We did our check-ins and then Kronda played a cute, motivational video for us. Katt came in and went over some more office policies just to make things clear. So far we aren’t being a bother to the regular Mozillians and I would love to keep it that way.

We moved on to setting up our Mozilla profiles. I’m not sure how everyone else feels but it made me feel like a true Mozillian. Here I am! I definitely need to work on a decent bio though but it will do for now. Once we got that done we worked on making badges. We each got to come up with our own and then award it to the other participants. I figured mine should relate to the word ‘Ascend’ so I was thinking a hot air balloon with the Firefox logo would be perfect. It turns out that Mozilla doesn’t have a hot air balloon! Their logo is perfect for one so I might have to put in a request. Anyway, I didn’t have time to make my own image so I grabbed some random happy looking one.

Setting up IRC was next but I had already set it up a day or two before so I continued to work on tweaking my environment. It seems a never ending task but I enjoy it. I am having an issue with my command prompt though since importing my bash_profile from another computer. It seems to be tabbed in and I’m not sure why. I looked at my PS1 but don’t really see a problem. But my Git highlighting works! I’ll have to test out my vimrc tomorrow and make sure my syntax highlighting works there.

I think we broke for lunch after we set up IRC. The food was SO good today! I had a vegan lentil shepherd’s pie and a salad. After lunch we all installed multiple versions of Firefox, nightly, Aurora, Beta and release. Lukas walked us through setting up multiple profiles so that each version has their own. We did a Git review and then Kronda briefly talked about Markdown so everyone could begin writing their blog posts. I’m somewhat thankful I started blogging each day so I was able to copy and paste what I already had. We have to submit our blog posts as pull requests on the Ascend repo so it’s great practice pulling, committing and pushing.

We then had the pleasure of meeting Chris Beard the CEO of Mozilla and Dave Slater the Chief of Staff. They were both very nice and welcoming and seemed to be truly happy about us being here.

I was a straggler trying to finish getting my blog posts pushed and get pull requests submitted before I left. My Andrew showed up so that we could head over to the Portland Perl Mongers meeting that evening. We had about an hour to kill so we walked over to Voo Doo and got a couple of vegan doughnuts. Fried dough with sugar is the best! It was such a beautiful evening so we decided to walk over to Free Geek for the meeting. It’s only a couple of miles away so off we went. It was nice to talk about our days even though it was mostly me talking about mine. I picked Andrew’s brain about Git and vented about a couple of my frustrations in class.

View from Hawthorne Bridge Walking across the Hawthorne Bridge looking at the I-5 Marquam Bridge and the new Tillikum Crossing Bridge beyond.

The meeting was typical. Someone was giving a talk about random and it was super boring but Andrew seemed interested and I love going with him regardless. After the meeting we all walked over to Lucky Lab, grabbed some food and had some lively discussions about a crapload of subjects. It was getting late and we were bussing it home so we said our goodbyes and RAN to the bus several blocks away. Apparently my schedule was off a bit and we ended up waiting around for about 5-6 minutes but I got to catch my breath. It was a pretty good day for the most part.

Today I learned that ‘git pull –rebase’ is VERY useful! No annoying merge commits cluttering up the commit history.