Monday morning rolled around pretty early. I think mostly because I was nervous about riding my bike to class with Kronda. Andrew checked it out for me yesterday and it checked out fine. I got my backpack all ready to go and off we went. Kronda guided us through our fairly quiet neighborhood. We meandered past beach school and up over the Going Street Bridge, down through the other half of Overlook and on to Interstate. So far it was pretty easy. We were able to fly down Interstate and make the light which was nice then we headed for the Broadway Bridge. There was a bit of a long incline and my legs were not thrilled. I just kept pedaling though and made it! Once we got over the Bridge and onto Broadway the rest was a breeze. It was so much easier and nicer than I had imagined.

We hung up our bikes and I greeted my classmates. Before I knew it class was starting. We did our check-ins and it seems as though most everyone had a relaxing weekend although a few had a rougher time of things. We got busy going over tasks that we may not have completed from last week. There was an entirely new naming convention for our blog files but I wasn’t aware of this until I had already renamed mine to one that I thought was better than what I had started with. Oh well, more practice right? I worked on that task but did a lot of helping my desk mates too so it ended up actually being pretty slow going.

The Monday All Hands meeting began and a Mozillian asked that everyone please fill out a survey regarding a new Mozilla logo so I did that and listened to the rest of the meeting. I love that we get to be a part of that. We headed back to our desks and worked a bit more on tasks and then it was time for lunch. We had delicious falafel sandwiches. After lunch we were split up into two groups (I thought). People all caught up on tasks and those who needed more time and help. Those who were all caught up were able to move to one desk area and work on some QA testing via the One and Done portal and Moztrap. Our tasks involved testing video calling in the Firefox Aurora browser. It was interesting to learn about how this works and it was fun to call each other but then the call notification sound got a little old.

Once we completed the tests we were booted from the room for a mandatory ten minute break. I took my laptop with me but ended up talking with another student instead. I’m liking everyone more and more each day. After the break, those of us who finished the testing were to teach the others who were still working on prior tasks. I worked with Yenni and she did a great job even though she was running on very little sleep. Some of the other students apparently went into a meeting about SUMO but I completely missed that this happened and have no idea how they were able to get in on that. Maybe we will hear more about it tomorrow.

I got my files all named the way I wanted and in the proper directories so worked on getting them pushed to my repo so I could submit a pull request. I thought I had a pretty good handle on what I was doing but then I got some error I wasn’t familiar with which isn’t surprising at all since Git does a crap ton of stuff and I know maybe 1% of it. I spent some time researching the error. One of our class mates filed his first bug report! That was really cool and he was able to present to the class about it. The day was going to end early so we did check outs around 4pm. Most everyone seemed to have a really good day and seemed really pleased with all they learned. The majority of the class opted to leave early but I was perplexed by this Git error so I asked Kronda. She looked at it with me and then we were both perplexed until Lukas explained how Github handles new pull requests when a person has one that hasn’t been merged. Ooooooooh-kay now the error made sense. I could have done without the yak shaving but I did learn something so it almost made it worth it I suppose.

Well now it was time to ride home. I was so pleased with how well it went getting to school that I didn’t give the ride home much thought. That was a bad idea because I seriously thought I was going to die riding up to the Broadway Bridge and then up the first half. It sure doesn’t look like much from a car but let me tell you, my legs were dying. Kronda didn’t really look back at me much but knew exactly where I was the entire time and also knew, somehow, that I needed a break once we got to the plateau on the bridge. I was SO thankful! My legs were pretty pissed off at me and were definitely cramping. Once they calmed down we were on our way again. Instead of returning up Interstate we went up Williams and then cut across Beech. This was purely so I could avoid a (to me) giant hill! Lukas, who left after us, caught up to us at this point. She said she was wondering why all the bikes were slowing down and then recognized Kronda’s outfit so yeah I would be the reason for the slowness. It was my first time though and I was using muscles I didn’t even know I had so I think slow was justified. Sorry fast people.

We zig-zagged on some quiet back streets and then parted ways at Interstate and Killingsworth. I made it home and was DONE but super proud of myself for doing it and also for not dying. Go me! Jason says I should ride every day now but screw that. I’m resting my legs tomorrow for sure.

Alice had messaged me earlier letting me know that she had harvested a ton of basil. She wanted to come over and make pesto and watch a movie after dinner. She brought over what basil she had and then we harvested ours and the basil from another neighbor. I stripped the leaves while she ran home to clean her dehydrator. She was bringing it over along with a bunch of cherry tomatoes so they could be dried. Once she showed up I decided I’d had enough of the basil stripping and would rather sit and slice the tomatoes because, you know, I didn’t get to mess with enough tomatoes the day before. Anyway, I managed to get approximately one million of them sliced while she and Wayne made dinner. We talked about ridiculous stuff and laughed a lot while doing all of this. I really love our neighbors.

Dinner was fantastic but it wasn’t ready to eat until about 21:30 mostly due to all of the talking and laughing. Our poor children! Their chore is to clean up after we do all of the cooking and eat so It was a very late night for them. I wish I could say this is a rare occurrence but we have always been late eaters. We all decided it was too late for a movie at this point so Alice and Jason went home. I’d say today was a pretty great day.

Today I learned that Github just adds any new pull requests in with any that are still pending. This was annoying to me initially but now that I understand how it works it does make sense, especially to the person handling the merges.