I woke up to rain. I love that! I got ready and had some time before I had to leave. I decided to write up some of my talk for Thursday. I also looked at my progress report and saw a reminder from Lukas to investigate the Air Mozilla project for OPW. Noted. It was a nice change to walk to the Max in the cool, misty wind. My neighbor was there today and told me all about the coding issues she is having just one week before their next product release. I can actually understand what she’s talking about! It’s architecture stuff so not really my thing but she struggles with the same issues.

I got to class and Lukas was nice enough to get the computers out early. I jumped right on mine and pulled up the Air Mozilla project. I found the mentor, joined the IRC channel and messaged him. He responded right away and asked me to email him so that he could send me additional information. I did that and while I was waiting for his email I began setting up the dev environment. It went pretty quickly. I had just a couple of issues with postgresql and the environment setup docs were missing a few steps. My issues helped the mentor update the docs though.

I had a coaching session in the middle of lunch so I asked if I could leave early to get food. Lukas said that was fine so Amanda and I walked down and got fantastic Ethiopean food (see I CAN quit Los Gorditos). Dangit, I forgot leftovers in the fridge! Anyway, I ate a lot and then it was time for coaching.

Dino wanted to work on my talk. I wanted to just ignore the whole thing but he’s too convincing so talk it was. He first had me run through it once and then he drew thought boxes and we talked about how I could improve it. He had so many good ideas and he did his best to make me feel like I figured them out on my own but seriously I didn’t. I ran through it again once we had stuff planned a bit better and he thought it was good. He gave me one line for the end and said, “No matter what, ramble and do whatever, but DON’T fuck up that line! Nail that line if nothing else!” Ok Dino. It’s one line. How hard can it be?

The OPW mentor was available via IRC all day so I got help as quickly as I needed it. He updated the docs as we figured out typos and missing or incomplete steps. Once I had it set up I looked at the bug he suggested and it appeared pretty simple. It seriously took me all of five minutes to fix. He merged my pull request and that was it. I was qualified to submit an OPW app. Well then. He said, “Not to diminish your work but the fix was kind of easy. Ping me tomorrow if you want a more challenging bug since you still have time to do more before apps are due.” Ha! Yes, I will definitely be taking him up on that.

I checked in on the bug I was helping with and they had worked on making the changes so I helped get it all commited and pushed up to their repo. They made the pull request and said the mentor was happy with the changes! Success!

I got called into the “lair” so I could run through my talk in front of Lukas and Kronda. Bleh, I didn’t want to do it at all but I just tried to remember what Dino said. I talked to them as if I hadn’t met them and it was going pretty well……until the last line which I totally fucked up! Ok now I’m worried :-)

We scrounged for dinner so we could get done early, watch a movie, and have popcorn. We watched Pirate Radio. It was ok. The popcorn Andrew made was really good!

Today I learned that svg in HTML5 stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. Really interesting stuff! Also HTML5 canvas is pretty cool. Check out Literally Canvas.