I thought it was going to rain since it was raining yesterday so I significantly overdressed and we ended up having clear blue skies! Oh well, I was nervous enough about my upcoming presentation that I didn’t give it too much thought. I got to class and was just dreading my talk but in no time I would be past that and very relieved. Andrew and I walked to the Max and I gave my talk to him. He said he really liked it and he’s always honest with me so I felt pretty good. He made one tiny suggestion that I completely agreed with and noted.

I got to class and was ridiculously nervous about the talk. I made up a quick note card with some keywords to help me keep my place while I was talking. I wanted to say certain things but I didn’t want to read it verbatim. The morning got going and the half of us that were talking were bundles of nerves. I was so glad to be going the first day and toward the beginning so it would be over soon.

We had a bit of time before presentations so I messaged the OPW mentor and asked him for another bug to work on. He quickly gave me one and I started looking into it. My stomach was such a mess. Richard from the SF office was setting up the AV system so I knew it was getting close. Finally it was time to start. I was third so I had to sit nearby with Amanda who was second. Adam got ready and there were some technical difficulties but he did great when it came time for him to begin. Amanda was next and didn’t seem nervous at all. Now it was my turn. Bleh, but I got up there and just didn’t over think it. I had my card and I think I only had to refer to it once or twice. I did it and it wasn’t that bad! That’s it. All the stress was gone. I could totally relax knowing the hardest part was done. The other participants spoke and I was just amazed and proud to see how great they all were. We sure have come a long way in six weeks.

Lunch was next and it was one of my favorite food carts, Kargi Gogo! Lunch was delicious as expected. Everyone was happy and relived to be done. The other half of the class were ok as well because they didn’t have to speak until tomorrow.

I got back to looking at the code for my bug and found where I needed to make the change. The code is Python in Django so it’s familiar to me at least. I needed to pad event start times by 30 minutes in the iCal feed that is generated when an event is scheduled so that staff has time for set up. Everyone was really chatty and happy so I was pretty distracted and didn’t actually make any code changes. After Richard had our talks up on Air Mozilla he gave a small presentation about what Air Mozilla was and how we were able to edit our own videos. It was kind of cool to see him click on the Management link and have it open to Event Assignments. I made that change! Anyway, right at the end of the demo he said, “Lisa, I sent your video to Peter and his boss. You know, so they could put a face with the name.” Yikes! This can go one of two ways I suppose.

I think really don’t remember what I did for the rest of the day which is unusual but I probably spent the time socializing with everyone until our party at five. I guess we just started earlier :-) People’s friends and family began showing up. Wayne, Natale, Jayde, Estelle, Andrew, Lauren, and Sean came and we had fun hanging out with everyone. Jayde and Estelle ate SO MUCH crap while they were there. It was awful but I figured it was the one time they could do it. Then the two of them schemed to take a stash of crap with them in an empty chip bag! Not happening.

When the party was over we, along with Katt, headed over to Los Gorditos. I know, I know! But it’s so good! We had a great dinner and conversation and then Lauren and Sean took all of the kids home while the three of us took Katt to the place where she was dog sitting. When we got home I watched my presentation and to my surprise, it wasn’t bad! I was actually kind of pleased with it so here it is.

Today I learned that I can give a presentation and not die. Go me!