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    Third Week

    24 Sep 2014 »

    Third Week Middle of Light

    *Bug That I like 1026796


    I picked this bug because it had a recent date of 2014 not 2008. The bug is listed as a good first bug. I have used SDK’s and I like one’s that work correctly.

    I went following links to find out more about what was wanted. I found that this bug has priority 2, p2 need. I looked on the graph and found that it only pointed to bug 888483. Bug 888483 has a lot of open bugs. These bugs are part of Jetpack Project. The Jetpack Project has weekly meeting on vidyo and ab irc channel #jetpack.

    This looks like a good bug to start with current with lots of people available.

    alt text


    19 Sep 2014 »

    layout: post title: “Cookie Crumbs” date: 2014-09-18 categories: maryanne author: Mary Anne Thygesen —

    Cookie Crumbs

    When I write recipes for my self they have the just the amount of of info that I need to create the food. When I write recipes for publication they have all the details required by publication. In the spirit of there is more than one than on way to do sometime, cookie crumb directions. 
    #Crash ME
     ~~as if it doesn't crash enough on its own~~
    spell check is under view spell check

    alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text


    [cake badge] (

    Friday recap

    19 Sep 2014 »

    Friday September 19, 2014

    test test

    A week that tested my patience at times. Arrrrggg I would rather write blog posts in WordPress. Spell check is under view spell check. I crashed bugzilla. I dream in markdown.

    I just learned why my post are not showing up. I need to rename all my files to

    I like atomated testing best.

    These are the tests that I ran.
    [Testing FireFox default](
    [Testing FireFox Aurora](
    [Testing FireFox Beta](
    [FireFox Nightly](

    Wednesday is take the Garbage to the Curb Day

    17 Sep 2014 »

    Wednesday is take the Garbage to the Curb Day

    I figured ways to deal with frustration. :truck:
    1. note to self to wheel the carts to the curb when I get home
    2. Reminder of steps to take when running moztrap
    *got to
    * get build info by typing about:buildconfig in browser
    *remember to have a playful approach and break things. 
    ###Tomorrow is another day and command f helps find things 

    Git Comands

    15 Sep 2014 »

    Git Computer Commands

    A list that I wrote for myself to remember the order of git commands to be executed in a terminal

    window. In others words what do I type first, then second.

    git comes first. It is git something not something git.

    Open a terminal window. CD to the folder you want to be in.

    git init

    git clone

    git status (I have found it a good idea to type git status after every git comand.)

    git add

    git log

    git remote

    git push

    git checkout

    git pull

    What the commands are and do can be looked up on github.

    ascend comands

    git pull ascend gh-pages

    git push origin gh-pages


    12 Sep 2014 »

    First Week


    Maker Party

    This is what I made with Mozilla X-Ray Goggles

    [What I made]( ```
    The hardest thing for me to learn has been how to play when coding. When I first learned how to code in FORTRAN it was using puch cards. You couldn't make a mistake. You had a limited amount of cards. A short time to use the punch card type writter. A narrow window of time to turn in your stack of cards. Then the waight time to get back a print out of your program. You had to be perfect.
    Now I can play. I can break things. Make a mess. Not get it correct the first time. And nothing bad happens. There is no spell checker in Markdown. *Whheeeee*
    #####I had a site for custom clothes, now it is called cats and dogs with data.
    [Cats and Dogs with Data](

    First Day

    09 Sep 2014 »

    First Week

    One more day to go.

    Friday is tomorrow

    My head is full

    My heart is warm

    under tilde is backtick