Second week blog Monday Sept. 15 Worked on creating badges. Others got mine so I know that it went out. Not sure I downloaded all 20 as that would be the max. May work on awarding badges where the recipient has to “pass” a test, not just claim it.

Weds 9/17 3 guests today Gregg Lind, Chang, and Ilana This is one of the best aspects of the Ascend Project. Getting a presentation/visit from Mozillians and others in their field. One thing I gained is that if a bug/glitch happens on a browser - - Report it! It could prevent someone else from having the same problem and you will likely know more about why this happens/keeps happening.

Thurs 9/18 Automated bug tests. Fancy stuff and the setup isn’t simple but it can sure save a lot of work, especially the repetitive, tedious stuff. Mozmill is what we learned today. I needed help setting this up. All the computer stuff is still AnotherWorld-foreign to me.

this is the results of the Mozmill automated testing on Thurs 9-18:

Fri 9/19
One thing I wanted to do was to log into IRC outside of class. Will check into this. Today we were looking into the Mozmill test. How to make repetitive tasks easier and a great tool for testing sites and debugging. And Crash Me and program that actually crashes the browser.