Outreach Program for Women presentation and Q & A with Marina

OPW had 8 rounds of recruiting, 120 who have completed the application process and 45 who were accepted.
Marina said 18 in the program have landed jobs. The most popular project in the program is Linux Kernel. OPW seeks women from underpriveledged backgrounds, men should not be deterred from applying and all in the Ascend Project are elligible. There are OPW alums so the connections continue after the program ends. Partipating organizations included: Gnome, Wikimedia, Xen Project, Python, Mozilla, Perl.

Application deadline for the next round is October 22. Applying ahead of time is encouraged as there are some items to complete when submitting. Internship dates are December 9, 2014 to March 9, 2015.

The Foss OPW website is at: https://gnome.org/opw/

Mozilla Community Meeting Some of us in the Ascend Project have noticed it has been mostly (all?) male new hires. This week three women (new hires) were announced and two male new hires.

  Mozilla CEO Chris Beard gives a brief summary of Ten Years of Firefox Activities.  Nov. 9, 2014  Firefox will be 10.