How I learned to stop worrying and love the puter

So this was my introduction to working in the Ascend project that Mozilla is so graciously putting on. I came into this thing suuuper excited to learn and empower myself through knowledge. The first day started off great because I got to meet the lovely folks in charge of running this shindig, as well as the other lovely folks who are here to learn. I was absolutely floored when I realized what an awesome situation I lucked into. The ability to learn something I'm interested in in a perfectly tailored environment. Everything we could possibly need or want was provided for us so that we'd have nothing to worry about except learning programming. Then the Mozilla meeting happened and, in watching that, I realized how far away I am from my goal. It dawned on me that I wouldn't experience a 6 week montage where I listen to awesome rock music while I work out and get my programming on and fast forward to the end of Oct. when I'm suddenly this super in-shape computer genius about to land my dream job. I got serious work to do and I am level 1 novice. I got scared, nervous, filled with self-doubt. I don't think I can do this.

I calmed down. And everyone else here helped to calm me down. Lukas and Kronda answered my questions without (amazingly) making me feel stupid for asking. I got the help and reassurance and motivation I needed. Baby steps. I got this. I'm gonna come back tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. There won't be a montage, but success is more satisfying when I've earned it the hard way.