AAAAAHHHHHH!! I guess I’m in the appropriate frame of my for a beginner programmer (I hope?). This week was a rollercoaster ride of headaches and emotions. After I got over my initial bout with self-doubt, I put in a good couple days worth of work and thought, “I’m totally competent and capable and I can get through this.” But then we had our first day of solid programming work (learning terminal commands, git, and github) and I was lost. I had no mental framework for all of this vocabulary I was learning and I couldn’t quite map the computer in my mind in order to visualise what my commands were doing. I went home that day not feeling so great but still thinking, “baby steps.”

So the next day we’re putting the previous day’s work into practice and I remembered (almost) everything I needed to know to create content, locate it in terminal, add, commmit, and push it into the github repo. I also managed to help a couple other people out with their projects. I got home feeling great again–soooo confident. What was I even doubting myself for?

…And I got home to an email from Kronda about how I needed to change the file and repush. ARRRGHHH! I dreamt about terminal commands, and in my dream I figured out exactly what I needed to do so I thought, “No big deal. I’ll go in and have it finished in 5 minutes.” Wrong. Amyhoo…8 hrs later and with significant help of a few others, I finally got it! The plus side to that ordeal was it forced me to really learn the stuff we’d done up to this point, and then some. This was probably my most productive and learning intensive workday so far. In the end, I’m actually glad I had that problem because I work best when problem-solving.

All in all it was a good week of solid productive work and I feel like I really am beginning to get a grasp on this. I did a few pulls from the gh repo. I started my first blog, and I got to make an awesome gif from my fav movie about ‘puters’. I’m glad the people here are so helpful, understanding, and generally awesome. Oh and they’ve been feeding us really well. I think I’ve put on my freshman 5 already.

Goals for next week:

  1. Get a pull request merged without a hitch
  2. Hit the gym and go for a couple runs
  3. Keep up with the class