Feelin like a Dalek up in here.

I can’t believe we’re a third of the way through this program. It’s going so fast! I don’t know if I’ll be able to cram as much info into my noggin as I want to in the next month. But doggonnit I’ll try my darndest (note: this is carefully the opposite of the language I use when dealing with my computer). I’m getting better with Git! And terminal! And I even started on some Python on my own!

This week was fun, albeit a little slower than last week. We concentrated on finding and filing bugs, polishing up previously completed work, and testing firefox products through various means. However, when we did get down to nitty gritty code work, it was fun! After spending the beginning of week running Moztrap tests (see tutorial), we learned how to write automation code to get the computer to run tests for us. This was a headache of a task but once we figured it out, we just let the computers do their things as they opened and closed browser windows and checked tabs and what-not. When our big automated test was finished running, we got a blargon link full of puter jibberish and put it in a more reader-friendly form here.

I filed my first bug in Bugzilla this week! I was using Firefox Nightly and noticed that dragging tabs was broken. I filed that baby and it’s being tracked. I’m all caught up (or rather will be after I finish these blog posts) so I’m feelin fine. I had a really good week overall. Workwise, I kept up with the class and with my assignment list. Personalwise I kept my life in order. I got to see a couple friends during the week, kept my apartment clean (miracle!), and managed to get a bunch of other things crossed off of my endless to-do list. I also got to spend more time with my cohort here at Ascend and get to know some of the folks a little better. There are some decent, interesting people here. I still feel so lucky to be a part of this. In fact, on the bus this morning were two others from the cohort (Yenni and Virgina) and we were all talking about how we can’t believe we got into this. 2 weeks in and I’m already ages ahead of where I was before I heard of Ascend, technologically speaking.

Alas, I feel I’m writing too much and I still need to tackle figuring out how to do screen capture vids in VLC, which is a little project I made for myself because I guess I don’t have enough work to do right now /s.