Here comes the really scary stuff. This week we have to commence work on our final project for Ascend which is to submit a patch to an existing bug. We were given a set of criteria to search by, but ultimately can choose whichever bug we like, providing it’s doable.

Lukas advised us to pick something that doesn’t look super easy so that we can gain experience points in figuring it out. She said it’s a really good way to learn, so we should take advantage.

I know I would eventually like to make an addon, so I found a bug that looks a little difficult, but is in the realm of things I could possibly do and learn a ton by doing. It turns out a pull request has already been submitted for the bug, but it needs tests for the patch. Submitting the tests qualifies as a “good first bug.”

So I’ve sort of decided on this bug but as I’ve looked deeper into it I realize that it’s more complicated and scary than I originally thought. Part of what makes these tests seem out of my league is an aspect called “frecency” which I’m only now familiar with after Googling it because of this bug. So I think the first step to patching this bug would be to familiarize myself with the jargon, make sure I fully understand what’s required of a patch, and see if I can find the tests that need to be altered.

If this bug doesn’t work out for me, I’ve bookmarked a number of others. This bug also looks promising and requires an updated test as well. It will be a good backup if the other one proves daunting. If I can’t manage either of those, I’ve got like five more bookmarked. Maybe I’ll talkle those in my free time for XP.

Welp, that’s it for this posty post about bugs. Here’s hopin I can manage to patch one of em.