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Mentorship and barrier-removing accelerator program designed to explicitly invite, include, and support adult learners in making a first technical contribution to Open Source software.

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    08 Oct 2014 »

    My first bug simply entailed extending the about: whitelist to include itself and a few other items. At first I was tempted to refactor such a long long long regex literal, but I let that go. So, I test my fix in a VM, it works, but when I want to create a patch via git diff > output.patch, I trip myself up: I committed the patch before attempting to use diff. Thus, I learned the importance of avoiding premature committment (and of git diff --staged).

    Now I have to find a bug that will make for a better presentation o_O


    03 Oct 2014 »

    Looking at some of the other Ascenders’ blogs, I see that I’ve been ignoring my blogging obligations. It stands to reason that they already practice sharing their thoughts with the world in one-off FaceBook posts. My only consolation in this respect is that I’m comfy w/ Twitter =)

    Finally looked “under the hood” of WP. For two days. Maybe if I stare at the panoply of options long enough, I might become an Expert Knob Twiddler?

    I feel stuck in a liminality. As in, what to do with all of these tools, in what contexts, WHY? Finding my own preferred niches is an arduous challenge. As is choking down the feeling that I can’t contribute anything because anything I do contribute will be inconsequential or half-assed. And I take the stance that I’d rather refrain from touching someone’s code/remain silent than appear both opinionated and incompetent. Hopefully I’ll be able to undermine this feeling, for the sake of my learning.


    26 Sep 2014 »

    It wasn’t until this week that I felt at home with all of the tools/best practices introduced thus far. My re-exposure to social media via Twitter & Github is going well. I feel wary of establishing any sort of paper trail and having comments/content/code attached to my name. I’ve always felt more comfortable as an anonymous commenter.

    I fought some pathname issues in my WordPress install. WP has so many features that I don’t want to touch it for a bit. Shellshock happened and all the Ascenders had to update our bashes (maybe I’ll switch to zsh?).

    Poring through Bugzilla tickets (mostly w/ the help of Bugs Ahoy), I feel trepidation. As in, (A): I want to write in something I already know (B): I want to strike a balance between easy/motivating.

    Week 2

    19 Sep 2014 »

    Coming into the second week, I began to feel increasingly comfortable with the workspace and my peers. Establishing a safe space & a base of group trust has had an anxiolytic effect on me. Several guest speakers helped to fill out my understanding of the various avenues contributions take, and how Mozilla as an organisation strives to foster an inclusive collaboration environment.

    That said, I’ve realised that some of my perfectionistic tendencies dampen my learning momentum. The fear of appearing incompetent can sometimes override more rational concerns, such as locating good docs or finding software tools that fit me. Despite the trepidation, the curiousity is there, to jump into the unknown, into…the Wired.

    lazy P.S.

    I dipped a phalange into automated testing w/ MozMill.

    Week 1

    12 Sep 2014 »

    My First Week

    ### The Mozilla Milieu

    This space is vibrant, conscientious, supportive, &c. I’ve never committed to a 9-5 and as a result felt trepidation at first. But from the outset, the unwavering support and opportunities for group collaboration instilled a halcyon vibe.

    Major Topics Covered:

    1. Mozilla: What We Do, Why It’s Important

    2. Git(Hub): the Stupid VCS

    3. Crafting an Online Presence

    My First Day

    08 Sep 2014 »

    My First Day

    My first day entailed meeting my fellow participants & identifying some personal strengths. The casual energy and sincere optimism made me feel warmly received.