Looking at some of the other Ascenders’ blogs, I see that I’ve been ignoring my blogging obligations. It stands to reason that they already practice sharing their thoughts with the world in one-off FaceBook posts. My only consolation in this respect is that I’m comfy w/ Twitter =)

Finally looked “under the hood” of WP. For two days. Maybe if I stare at the panoply of options long enough, I might become an Expert Knob Twiddler?

I feel stuck in a liminality. As in, what to do with all of these tools, in what contexts, WHY? Finding my own preferred niches is an arduous challenge. As is choking down the feeling that I can’t contribute anything because anything I do contribute will be inconsequential or half-assed. And I take the stance that I’d rather refrain from touching someone’s code/remain silent than appear both opinionated and incompetent. Hopefully I’ll be able to undermine this feeling, for the sake of my learning.