Getting right into it, the first day of Ascend was a bit of a blur. After some introductions we all got roped into attending Mozilla’s weekly Monday meeting. The meeting was super casual with a bunch of Mozilla offices from around the globe all streaming to each other. I really liked how they incorporated a wiki for the meeting minutes.

After the meeting we each got to open a new macbook air. I’m not big on Apple as a company nor their products, but I also have no reason to lament a gift horse! It’s a solid piece of hardware, as most Apple products are, but there are some UI quirks that I’m not a fan of. “Natural” scrolling comes to mind. On a positive note: I really enjoy the fullscreen features combined with quick desktop switching. I can see that being super helpful for workflow.

Once we all opened our laptops and got them up and running, we were had to do a strength finder exercise. It consisted of 117 (da chief) questions of the “Strongly agree - Neutral” scale. After analysis it came up that I’m strong at: Harmony, Ideation, Restorative, Analytical, and Responsibility. There’s a part of me upset by them using different parts of speech, but I digress. Hopefully my strengths will help me succeed at this program.