This first week of ascend has been a whole lot of config management. To say: we’ve all spent a lot of time getting situated and setting up our potential development environments. Getting a new computer to play around on has been quite fun. I’m all about computer configs and settings. But it hasn’t all been about configuring our computers. We’ve taken a sizable chunk of time making sure our space is as we want it, in a societal sense. I think it’s pretty cool that a program like this would take the time to make sure that each participant can feel comfortable and safe in the program’s environment.

So far the hardest part has been these creative endeavors. Namely this blog post, the previous blog post, and this intro page I remixed using I struggle when instructions aren’t clear or I have to choose a creative direction and stick with it. Sorry.

Never-the-less, I’m still excited about the next 5 weeks of Ascend! I can’t wait until we build firefox from source, change things and see them built into the browser, or fix bugs and watch those fixes make their way to release. I’m really interested in learning how to contribute to FLOSS (Free-Libre Open-Source Software) on a technical level. Hopefully we get into something like that.