The end of this week brings about the ending of the Ascend Project. I can’t say I’m excited that it’s over, but I am glad looking back at what I’ve done. I patched in imgur upload functionality to firefox’s screenshot command. I made some improvements to our own Ascender’s Blog. I found a complicated bug in firefox’s newtab page (sorry David!). I reported a bug and submitted a patch it into gnome-music all in the same day. I added a keyboard shortcut into gnome-music as my contribution in order to apply for OPW. I applied for the Outreach Program for Women to work on gnome-music.

I learned the importance of setting up a quality development environment. I learned how to manipulate VMs… and how disposable they are. I learned how much I dislike trying to parse python’s version of Object Oriented Programming. I learned that Arch Linux is far and away the best distribution of Linux out there right now. I learned that I have what it takes to learn more and make it in this field!

Of course this is all what I can remember right now. If I had done a better job keeping notes on the things that I’ve learned, then that list would be three times as big! That’s a lot of knowledge and accomplishments to come out of 6 weeks! For me: Ascend was a huge success!

I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity. It wouldn’t have been possible without Lukas and Kronda being there everyday to help out everyone who needed it. Thank you to every Mozillian who went to bat and supported the Ascend project’s inception. Thank you to every speaker and mentor that showed up to work to help us believe we could contribute, and helped us actually contribute! Thank you to you! By reading this blog post you’ve takin the time to show the world that Ascend matters.

Because of Ascend, there now exist 18 new Mozilla contributors. I now feel competent enough to contribute to open source prjects. While before I felt like I could contribute, Ascend gave me the understanding of the process that I needed. Ascend is the reason I can look at bugzilla bugs, find code source, set up my dev environment, and dive into the code to make a change. Ascend is the reason I can say to the world, I am a Mozillian.