Mon 9/15 week 2 day 1

morning: catching up with last week’s projects, polishing blogs and webmaker projects lunch: Aybla’s gyros testing Loop browser ph/vid calls with MozTrap

Then Eva, Adam and I got pulled into a presentation/discussion with the User Advocacy group to look over user input graphs and provide feedback about the presentation of that data. SO COOL.

Tue 9/16 week 2 day 2 Begin QA testing in MozTrap. Intro to filing a bug in Bugzilla. lunch: out to food carts (I got Indian) More MozTrap and crashmenow learned about Firefox’s about:about thing, and how to find my build ID in about:config

Wed 9/17 week 2 day 3 guest speakers from SuMo user advocacy team (from Monday): Gregg, Ilana, Chang. Really considering this career path, as well as QA. lunch: out to food carts again (I got Indian again because it’s awesome) FILED FIRST BUG! and then two more bugs! Feeling accomplished!

Upon reflection, have determined that my frustration with Popcorn Maker last Friday probably stems from issues/bugs with Popcorn Maker more than any shortcomings of my own. Interesting that I blamed myself first before blaming the application. I’ve tried a bit more to fix it, still not able to achieve desired results. Would like to spend some time at some point learning more about Popcorn Maker, identify and report particular bugs if I can. I may end up remaking my project altogether because I can’t seem to make it work as it is.

Thu 9/18 week 2 day 4 Revisited agreements of how to be with each other. Catching up, checking on bugs. The first bug I reported (Persona login issue in Bugzilla) was marked a duplicate of an open bug from Apr 2012. lunch: Thai Peacock

MozMill installation instructions were confusing, so I edited the instructions in the documentation, using clearer language.

Running test suites in MozMill!

Running automated testing with MozMill Automation. Here are the reports! Functional test of Nightly Functional test of Aurora

Endurance test of Aurora

Endurance test of Nightly

I really like running automated tests! It makes your browser do a lot of stuff on its own and collects data on the functionality as it goes, so you get stuff done without really doing much. Plus, it makes your computer look haunted.

Fri 9/19 week 2 day 5

morning: catching up, writing blog posts including tutorial with screenshots

Lunch: Cha Taqueria nachos

afternoon: played with the Tilt add-on for Firefox, where you can see the layers of a webpage. Very interesting!

Began looking at “good first bugs” in Bugzilla, walking through a particular bug together on the screen. We can fix a bug! …But not today.

Found another broken link, filed bug.

Wrote a tutorial blog with screenshots; could be about anything we’ve learned this week. I chose installing Mozmill because the instructions in MDN were not very clear to me when I was trying to install it yesterday.

Closed out the day/week with a Mozilla Cantina! Invited friends to party with us in the office, played Rock Band. :) I feel so grateful to be here; every day I’m reminded of what an amazing opportunity this is, and I appreciate Lukas and Kronda and Mozilla so much! This is a pretty amazing time to be a woman transitioning into the tech industry, and even though my career future after Ascend is still unclear to me, I feel optimistic.