Monday: First thing this morning, we had a video conference presentation from Marina on Outreach Program for Women (OPW) and its application process. I first learned about OPW at Open Source Bridge when I met Frances Hocutt and her mentor Sumana. I thought it sounded like something I would like to do once I learned a bit more of the coding basics. Now we are all being encouraged to apply and I’m hesitant. On the one hand it would be great experience, great learning experience and resume builder, and the stipend is sufficient. But on the other hand, applications are due in just 3 short weeks and I’m not sure if I would like working remotely.

Tuesday: presentation this morning from Lars Lohn on Firefox’s crash reporting system, which he built. lunch: food carts (Frying Scotsman!) More open time to work on our bugs. Built the patch!

Wednesday: Presentation by Mike Hoye on getting/keeping contributors engaged and involved, building community, acknowledging and appreciating each contribution, making the contribution process as easy and inviting as possible

lunch: 24th & Meatballs

working on bugs: Ran multiple tests to try to prove my patch worked, but none seem to do the trick. Not sure if problem is with the patch, the automation, or the test report viewing site. Frustration!!!!


lunch: Savor soups!

Presentation this afternoon from Kronda: “Stop Crying in the Bathroom and Start Your Own Business.” I think I would feel more empowered by this if I felt like an expert in anything, but right now I see my best next step as finding an entry-level jr developer position or paid internship that will help me learn by doing and train me up. I’ve been having a pretty hard time finding such opportunities though, especially because it’s not summer and I’m not in college. It’s good to know that this option exists and I’ll keep it in mind as a possible career path down the line, but right now it actually makes me feel kind of discouraged because of how far I still have to go.

work on bugs: mentor not on IRC, tried again to run many tests, looked at the patch code again to see if there’s any reason it wouldn’t work. Lukas looked at it and pointed out that the raw output of the report does seem to include the channel (i.e. the patch worked), but when I view it in the dashboard site which makes sense of the output, it doesn’t populate the channel there. So bug may actually be in the dashboard site? Mentor Henrik is not on IRC today so not quite sure how to proceed, may just post the patch to the bug and post a comment about the output problem.

Friday: lunch: food carts (pork belly banh mi from Rua!)

Pep talk from Lukas, reminder to keep honoring our group agreements and keep working hard and leveling up! Go team!

Bug progress: mentor appears to be in IRC but not responding. Many of us are having problems connecting in Mozilla IRC today (Colloquy wasn’t working but Mibbit online was working a bit better) so maybe he is as well. I attached my patch in Bugzilla with a comment about the test being inconclusive and asking for review, so that’s as far as I can go with it for now. I’m glad I’m at a stopping point with the bug for now so I can catch up on blogging, Wordpress customization, and other loose ends.

I have a coaching session with Debbie at 3:30 this afternoon. She’s going to help prep me for the imminent job hunt. So much to do, so little time!